Perception of Crime: Mark the Points on the Map

This is a scientific pilot project run by ISAC to create a database of points in the city where women or others perceive a security related threat or the perception of insecurity.

Read more about the perception of crime here.

This is the first ever city level database for India which helps in the creation of Crime Perception hot spots. This helps creating good policing and good design for the cities.

Perception of Crime City Level Database

Where do you perceive Crime'able' Zones?

This database will be used for the creation of safety related recommendations for the law enforcement agencies and for the creation of space
design which helps in the prevention of Crime, much before it actually happens!

Crime Perception Maps

Mark and Explore Crime Perception high areas!

Customize Filters And Parameters

search for crime data by customizing filters and parameters to focus on specific types of incidents, dates, or locations

Find Safe Localities To Move Or Invest

Discover safe localities and neighborhoods to move or invest in

Be informed

Pinpoint crime perception  hot-spots in your vicinity, enabling you to stay alert and take necessary precautions to avoid high-risk areas.

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Build a Safer City

This will provide insights to the law enforcement agencies for patrolling in the various areas

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Do you perceive Security Threat anywhere in the city?

Gain peace of mind by assessing the safety of your home and surrounding area. Our comprehensive tool provides you with valuable insights into crime incidents in your neighborhood, helping you make informed decisions to protect your loved ones and safeguard your property.

But to make the database more advanced, we need to bring in the various opinions about neighbourhoods from across the demography.


Your Contribution makes this project real

Just three Steps to making your mark


Open the Map

Click on the Button ‘Mark a Location’ above or click here.


Mark the Location by Location

Make sure the location is on! Mark the Location of the Place!


Provide description of Crime Perception

Enter the details of the fear of crime at the location.

Why this Project?

This Project will help the City create long term crime prevention policies and keeping neigbourhoods safe!

Be like our many contributors who provided insights into the project database to make the city safe!

Rajshekhar P

Co-founder, Cyberange


“It feels good that our contribution can make the city a safer place”

Tajally S

Former Fellow, Delhi Govt


“I didn’t know there was something like this where a city level database was being created”

Ashani S

Student at SPA Delhi


“After moving to Delhi, my parents had the concern of safety, hence i have used this app to get insights and help others by contributing to it”

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For every crime perception point marked, we are a step nearer to creating safe neighbourhoods and safe cities.